The Diamond Bar Session

The Diamond Bar Session
Weekly Session of Traditional Scottish Music and Song

Monday, September 12, 2016


The regular Thursday night Session in the Diamond Bar features
Traditional Scottish Music and Song.
If you are coming to north Antrim and you play or sing,
then why not come along and share your music with us,
at our weekly session.
We'd love to meet you and share some tunes and songs.
You'll find us here every Thursday night from 9pm.
We make sure we don't clash with - Darts Night!
* * * * *

Hammered Dulcimer on Radio Ulster!

I was delighted to get the opportunity recently to promote one of our instruments, 
the Hammered Dulcimer, 
on Radio Ulster's show which promotes all things Ulster Scots - 
A Kist o Wurds.
This interview was recorded in the Diamond Bar Beer Garden
Listen here ~ A Kist o Wurds
* * * * *

The Broadisland Gathering 2016!

We were delighted to be asked to play again, this year, at the excellent 
Broadisland Gathering festival in Ballycarry, Co. Antrim.
So we motored on down, knowing we'd have a wonderful day, 
with our Fiddle, Piano Accordion, Northumbrian Pipes, Whistles, Guitar, 
Harp, Oboe, Hammered Dulcimer, Fife, Moothies and English Concertina.

Scad the Beggars in full flight at the Broadisland Gathering

Scad the Beggars ~ Broadisland Gathering Video

* * * * *

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Photo Gallery!

 A few photos of the team in action

(Click on images to enlarge)
Typical session in the Diamond Bar
English ConcertinaNorthumbrian PipesPiano AccordionMoothie, Bodhran and Fiddle
* * * * *
Sam playing his Moothie
The Three Musketeers ~ Steven, Sam and Will
Piano Accordion and Moothies
Steven proudly playing his new Piano Accordion
Will playing his Moothie
Deborah playing her Oboe
Dick on his Hammered Dulcimer
Most of the team in full flight
Fiddle, Moothie, Piano Accordion and Moothie.
Playing some of the regular instruments at our session,
English ConcertinaNorthumbrian Pipes and Piano Accordion
Regular members,of the session, Scad the Beggars, 
performing on stage at the annual Broadisland Gathering 2016
English Concertina, Northumbrian Pipes, Guitar, Harp, Whistle and Piano Accordion
* * * * *

Session Videos!

Bonny Woodhall

Starry Night in Shetland

The Girl in the Blue Dress, The Kettle Drum 

& The Piper's Cave

The Auld Triangle

Scottish Marches

Willie o' Winsbury

Da Slockit Light

Diamond regulars performing at the Broadisland Gathering 2016

* * * * *